Scheme Manager

A highly customisable. Single portal management system used for the efficient running of projects, practices and processes adaptable for any industry or market sector.


Scheme Manager is a web based SaaS application and portal where access can be granted to branch offices and contractors.

Please review the high level overview and features below. Please contact Fulgent for further information, feature specifications and system demonstrations.


• Job search facilities
• Journals and Audit History
• Documentation Uploads
• Validation Routines
• Customisable data capture fields
• Consent Management
• Complaints


• Each property address is logged as a job
• All Jobs have customisable, validated, optional or mandatory input fields
• Applicant, Landlord and correspondent sections
• Marketing, Media, Referrer, Special needs, Account numbers, security passwords, contact times, property details and more customisable drop downs for data capture needs
• Royal Mail PAF Address, local authority and LSOA validation
• Optimised input tabbing for call centres


• A measure can be anything you define
• Record any specific measure detail you require
• Create a custom measure completion form(s)
• Completion form(s) can enforce format and validation rules
• Can be allocated to head office codes
• Can be specific per scheme or scheme group
• Can be priced by customisable parameters
• Can include funding from external sources
• Measures can be invoiced


• Scheme Manager can be configured for any type of “Scheme Group”. Examples include; A new company initiative, local authority trial, government obligation or a contract to deliver services and goods.
• Schemes are smaller remits of work and can belong to specific Scheme Groups
• Scheme groups can have a variety of rules or regulations applied
• Bespoke additional functionality may be applied to specific scheme groups or schemes
• Head office groups or user types may be restricted to a scheme or scheme groups


Scheme Manager Supports

• Advices
• Invoices
• Retentions
• Purchase Order limits


• We provide a secure SQL Server Reporting Services portal
• Base report templates available for customisation
• Report Generator available
• Outputs in a variety of formats
• Reports Subscription services
• Live AD-HOC Data Reports
• Microsoft Power BI reporting available for additional cost


• Online Customer Application Forms
• Pre-Qualification Forms
• EPC Data Integration
• NoticeBoards
• Custom Helpdesk
• Webservices & API’s


•Secure single or multi tennant hosting in UK datacentres
• Customisable Secure logins with 2FA/MFA support
•Microsoft Windows Server 2022 / IIS Hosting
•SQL Server 2019 Database services
•.NET/Core Application Design with all popular browsers supported


• Full training & Documentation
• Online helpdesk access
• Collaboration, engagement and pro-active communication

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