Scheme Manager Enterprise

Ensuring compliance, driving efficiency and delivering control


Scheme Manager Enterprise is a web based customisable management system used for managing and efficiently running UK Government obligations, such as ECO, The Energy Company Obligation. Fulgent continually adapt and develop the system to be compliant with published Ofgem Guidance.

The system is used by thousands of users per day across many customer solutions. Access to each bespoke site can be granted to branch offices, local authorities, contractors, referrers, lead generators and installers to name a few.

A brief overview and description of some features offered are below. Please contact Fulgent for further information, feature specifications and system demonstrations.

Scheme Manager Enterprise will have support for ECO+ in March 2023


  • Scheme Manager Enterprise can be configured for multiple schemes
  • Schemes can have eligibility rules applied
  • Features may be applied to specific schemes
  • Users can be restricted to specific schemes
  • Schemes can have distinct pricing
  • Measure Completion Rules may be differentiated by schemes


• Each property is logged as a job
• All jobs have customisable, validated, optional or mandatory input fields
• Contacts section for applicant, landlord and other correspondent details
• Custom drop downs for example; marketing, media, lead source and eligibilities
• Special needs, Account numbers, security passwords & DWP details can be captured
• Royal Mail PAF Address, local authority, rural and LSOA validation
• Page layout and tabbing optimised for fast input


• A measure can be anything you define
• Record any specific measure detail you require
• Create a custom measure completion form(s)
• Completion form(s) enforce format and validation rules
• Can be allocated to contractors, referrers or installers
• Can be specific per scheme
• Can be priced by customisable parameters
• Can include funding from external sources
• Measures can be invoiced


• All actions or changes in the system are recorded as a journal
• Records key information such as who, what, when
• Any documents you define can be linked to a journal
• Journals provide a complete audit trail of what has happened in the system and can be reported on
• Action journals allow a thread of linked actions to be recorded


• Jobs can be searched by a variety of parameters
• Installers, contractors and referrers are limited to only being able to see their own jobs & measures


• Configurable system sequences
• Auto create measures based on scheme & scheme group
• A customisable rule-based flow


  • Documents can be triggered, produced and exported automatically by the system. e.g.
  • GDPR Letters
  • Customer registration letters
  • Landlord approval requests
  • Supports direct mail fulfilment services

Customers can define additional templates


  • Scheme progress tracking
  • Workload analysis
  • Obligation tracking
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Lead source
  • Installer progress tracking


  • Customisable forms allowing pre-qualification of leads
  • Webforms available to embed in your website
  • Apply eligibility criteria
  • Automatically create jobs on SME if all requirements met
  • Customisable forms
  • Formattable fields


Scheme Manager Enterprise Supports;

  • Advices
  • Invoices
  • Retentions
  • PO limits
  • Approval & dispute process
  • All customisable


  • Fulgent can provide a custom reporting site based on;
    • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Microsoft Power BI (at additional cost)
  • Base report templates are available for customisation
  • Report builder available
  • Outputs in a variety of formats
  • Subscription service
  • Live AD-HOC Data Reports


  • EPC data available to query
  • View all EPCs available per property
  • Use EPC data to match & query  job and form submissions
  • All certificate and recommendation data with configurable views


  • SOAP Webservice
  • Same job creation rules apply as for single job entry
  • Add jobs, measures, leads or pre qualification data from 3rd parties
  • Upload documents via API
  • Upload documents via SSH/SFTP
  • Custom API integration e.g. TrustMark


Scheme Manager Enterprise populates & handles;

• ECO4 Project Data Dictionary

• ECO4 Measure Data Dictionary

• ECO4 Ofgem Feedback

• ECO+ Data Dictionary (expected April 2023)

• ECO+ Ofgem Feedback (expected April 2023)


• Full training & Documentation tailored to your customisable setup
• Online helpdesk access
• SLA’s tailored to your requirements
• Dedicated account manager
• Collaboration, engagement and pro-active communication
• Regular planned software releases & upgrades


  • CSV Job Import
  • Complaints
  • Noticeboard
  • Comms Module
  • Automation Manager
  • 2FA/MFA Authentication
  • VPN Data access

Please enquire for detailed product specifications & features