Prepaid IT Support

Pre-Paid Hours Ready For When Your Business Needs That Extra Helping Hand


Why wait until something goes wrong

Our Pre-paid IT support service is designed for clients who need greater flexibility from their support provider.

It also provides businesses with more control over their IT usage, by having pre-paid set hours this means you will never go over your IT budget. It will also help you organise and manage what parts of your business need support.

By having pre-paid hours and an established relationship, Fulgent will already be aware of your business and will be on standby for when you need us. We will know how you work, what functionality you already have and will be able to quickly assist you.


This is an ideal situation for those with a specific budget they must adhere too.

This also suits organisations who have an IT department but require additional support on certain elements, or a start-up/SMB organisation who are yet to realise how much support they require.

The comfort of knowing you have IT hours ready to use will give your business the confidence to thrive.


No two businesses are the same, every situation different

Our pre-paid service support package works through a block system, with each unit representing an hour of an engineers’ time.

You simply purchase blocks of support hours and work through them at your own pace. Your initial purchase is a minimum of 10 blocks. Each time you call us or an engineer comes to site we log the time used and reduce your balance.

This type of service works well for customers that don’t need regular day to day IT support, but when they do need support they need something completed quickly. It is also best for organisations that are not able to commit to a regular spend or possibly prefer to pay for things upfront.

Fixed Pricing

Fixed pricing paid up front, means no hidden costly surprises

Minimum Purchase

Minimum Purchase of 10 blocks means support is there the second you need it

No contract

Professional, fast and efficient support without a monthly contract

Fast Response

We will still get to you in no time, even without a support contract in place

Phone and Remote Support

Our team are available to take your call and can resolve your issue over the phone

On Site Support

If required, an engineer will arrange a visit for issues unresolvable over the phone

Take The Worry Out Of Managing Your Businesses IT


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